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Chandrapur Travel Guide Chandrapur Travel Guide

Chandrapur Travel Guide

Earlier known as Chanda, Chandrapur is known as the Black Gold City in the state of Maharashtra. Region behind its name of Lokapura was due to the traditions and legends the name of the Place was changed to Indpur that is subsequently to Chandrapur. For the duration of British colonial period it was called Chanda district, which was again changed to its unique name 'Chandrapur ' around 1964. Other places of the region in ancient times include wairangad, Kosala, Bhadravati and Markanda. Hindu and Buddhist kings are supposed to have lined the area for a long time, afterward on Gonds gone beyond Dana Chiefs who ruled Chandrapur approximately 9th century and Gond Kings ruled the area till 1751 after which Maratha period started. Raghuji Bhosale, the last King of the people, died heirless in 1853 and Nagpur region together with Chandrapur was affirmed take possession of to British Empire.

Tourist Attractions in Chandrapur

If compared to other parts of the state, Chandrapur is famous for its coal. However, there are some famous tourist places that include Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserver that represents a unique habitat for wildlife in Central India. Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve comprises of Tadoba National Park and Andhari wildlife Sanctuary. The foremost magnetism in this place is the presence of tigers; while large herds of Chital and the stately Samber are often seen in the forest that draws the attention of tourists.

Other attractions take in the indefinable barking Deer, the navy footed Chausinga. The regal Gaur, the healthy Nilgai, The introverted Sloth Bear, the whistle wild dogs, the omnipresent wild Boar and Leopard are easily found here. There are different species of animals, reptiles, birds and even water creatures that you can easily found here. Apart from the tiger reserve, there are some other attractions too that include Anandwan Ahsram at Warora, Bhadravati Jain Temple and the list goes on.

Hotels in Chandrapur

You will find some of the luxury hotels in Chandrapur to accommodate that will surely make your tour and holidays full of comfort and relaxation. We at Marvellous Holidays offer attractive tour packages and an opportunity of booking room in any of the selected hotel in advance. You have to choose the right tour package and leave rest of the work on professionals working at Marvellous Holidays. We also offer customize tour packages that will surely attract you and persuade you to visit the city again and again.

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