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Guna Travel Guide Guna Travel Guide

Guna Travel Guide

Located in Malwa Platue in the state of Madhya Pradesh, Guna is counted as the gateway to Chambal and Malwa in the north-east part of the state between Parbati and the Betwa Rivers. The Parbati is the main river running along the western boundary touching Rajgarh District of the state along with Jhalawarh and Kota District of Rajasthan. Not forget to mention Shivpuri and Kota that are located in north where as Vidisha, Bhopal and Rajgarh lies to the South.

History of Guna – the Pride of Madhya Pradesh

At the outset Guna sees to be the part of Avanti Kingdom that was founded by Chand Pradyota Mahesena Later on Shishusangh added the kingdom of Avant which incorporated Guna to the growing empire of Magadha. In the beginning of 18th century Chanderi was the part of Malwa and remaining portion of Guna formed the part of Raghogarh State. Later on Raghogarh was come apart into three state of which Garah and Dharnawada State in the middle of the three clamaints of Raghogarh family. After the great rebellion of 1857, Guna district thus passed under the control of Gwalior State with Raghogarh as its mandatory chief. There is a lot more in the history of Guna.

Tourist Places in Guna

The city and its surrounding area is famous for a number of famous tourist places that include Bajarngarh Fort, Jain Temple, Bishbhuji Temple and the list goes on. Bajrangarh Fort is the must see destination that is popularly known as Jharkon by the locals. It lies in ruins in present day and is said to be constructed around the 17th century. The fort includes a Moti Mahal, Gunnery and Rang Mahal. Jain temple is said to have been built around 12th century. It is known for housing few statues of Jain Tirthankaras and is believed to have been constructed by Jain Saint Pada Shah.

Bishbhuji temple is the home to the idol of Goddess Durga with twenty hands; this is a famous place of worship for the local inhabitants. There is no denying the fact that Guna serves as a quiet tourist end of Madhya Pradesh and is a must visit at least once while touring the state.

Hotels in Guna

When it comes to accommodation options in Guna, you will have some better options of choosing the best one according to your choice. Some of the luxury hotels in Guna include Hotel the Sara, Hotel Siddharth, Hotel Subham, Hotel Raj Villas, Hotel Jain Residency, Hotel Prem Shri, Hotel Satyam & Restaurant, Pratishtha Hotel, Hotel Sangeeta, etc are names a few of the wonderful hotels in Guna to accommodate and enjoy your holidays.

How to Reach Guna?

By Air: Gwalior and Bhopal as well as Delhi are the main cities having airports to reach Guna by air. You can take a taxi, train or bus from any aforementioned cities to reach by air.

By Train: Guna is on the Western Railway 's broad gauge line of the Kota-Bina Section. Trains are available for Pune,Kota, Bina, Ujjain, Indore and Gwalior.

By Road: Guna is at National Highway 3 that is connecting Agra to Mumbai. There are regular buses from different cities. You can reach your car or taxi.

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